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An industry leader in precision large part machining and high volume production.

The Colledge Machine Story

Colledge Inc. was started in 1979 by founder Joseph Colledge. Joseph Colledge always had a passion for machinery and making parts. As a manufacturing engineer he received the education required to manufacture and repair all types of jobs. It was with this knowledge that he quickly succeeded and progressed working for various machine shops.

Joseph began to see that there is a better way to do things that most machine shops neglected. He felt the customer deserved more; and quickly realized that he needed to start his own Machine shop. In 1979 he bought his first machines and opened shop, he quickly became the industry standard for the state and the place to go to get it done right.

Colledge Machine eventually outgrew its facilities and in 1995 built a brand new state of the art shop with dual overhead bridge cranes. The size of his jobs and machines began to grow and became the largest machine shop in all of the county. With his abilities and unique machine capabilities, he was able do to the jobs others couldn’t.

Colledge Inc remains the industry leader in the state. We provide Services to all Major Corporations and small businesses alike. We have been providing fast service, quality and precision machining. We have a deep commitment to providing solutions that work, which will last and succeed. Our skilled design and manufacturing staff allows us to provide un-paralleled support. It is our ultimate goal to help our customers succeed through design, manufacturing and repair.

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