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Full Service Machine Repair at Colledge Machine

We repair small to large machines and industrial equipment of all kinds. Our full service shop offers large Engine Lathes, Vertical Mills and Horizontal Boring machines including trusted certified welders and designers.

Reduce Downtime and Improve Your Efficiency

Maintenance and Repair lead to safer and more efficient production environments. Heavy equipment becomes inefficient and even unsafe with use and age. For example, slow wear on shafts, valves, engines, turbo components, seals etc will compromise performance.  Colledge Machine can help you keep your machines running with minimal downtime.  We pride ourselves on quick turnaround times and quality repairs. 

Increase Your Cost Savings and Boost Your Equipment’s Reliablity

Full Service Machine repair can be a huge cost savings to your business.  Making a new part or component for your machine takes time and a high level of expense.

Colledge Machine houses a vast machine and production shop with experienced staff to keep your equipment and large machinery working smooth and safe.  Our technicians are experts at machine repair and gear their services to your immediate needs.  We may also provide solutions to retrofit older or obsolete parts if that is what the project requires.

Need a custom industrial project done?  Visit our machining page.


Discuss Your Repair Needs With Our Team

Talk with our experts: We’ve been serving the machine repair industry throughout the area for over 40 years.

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